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Some things will never change :)


"It’s Valentine’s Day… I deserve romance."

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They are so cute.


They are so cute.

"Hi :) sorry to bother but can you write a story with sheldon seeing amy sleep and not saying nothing just thinkin pretty things about her? :3 lol I always love dudes seeing girls sleep (*note; is not an spoiler thing. I have read the reports) thanks!"


Hi!  I love the idea of sleeping Amy.  I there is something very peaceful and intimate about sleeping near someone you love.  I would kill for one or both of them to fall asleep near the other.  Well, not kill, but maybe punch someone.  I hope you enjoy this story.

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The Big Bang Theory alphabet > B is for Bazooka Bazinga

A, I rarely kid. And B, when I do kid, you will know it by my use of the word “bazinga.”

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